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"...there is a silent respect paid, whether to the artist’s powerful, yet unwieldy body or to the naked terrain of suburban landscape. These are documents of neither/nor. The strength of her movements and the facial expressions leaking exertion bring to mind the linguistic linking the home and the human body. “Built like a brick chicken house” sticks in my mind, as does the ancient concept that the body is a temple. Perhaps this is because I know of Keung as a builder of houses. Keung employs the physical endurance of time through the living human body". - excerpt by Alissa Firth Eagland from Between the House and the Field

Heather Keung

Heather Keung graduated from the OCAD University. Her artistic practice includes video, installation and performance art and is inspired by physical labour, memory, technology and architecture. Her works have been showcased in curated programs in across Canada, and internationally in cities such as San Francisco, Helsinki, Budapest, Hong Kong and Buenos Aries. She has participated in artist residencies at Videotage in Hong Kong and Western Front in Vancouver, and has participated in talks at Colour School, the Japan Foundation, and the University of Toronto. Most recently she has presented her work at A Space Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and Le Labo in Toronto, Canada. She works on numerous creative projects with her partner Michael Connor in Toronto, Canada.


In addition to her artistic practice, she has been an active contributor to the arts community and Artist-Run-Centres in Toronto through her work as the Artistic Director at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Technical Manager of dubbing and video restoration at Vtape. Keung has also worked at OCAD and several film/media festivals such as Images Festival and Planet in Focus. Keung has served on many boards, committees and juries in Canada including the Media Arts Network Ontario Board of Directors, Toronto Arts Council: Media Arts Committee & Nominating Committee, Ontario Arts Council: Media Arts Jury, Canada Council for the Arts: Shanghai Expo Jury, Toronto Urban Film Festival Jury, and OCAD University board. Keung has curated exhibitions for the Justina M. Barnicky, Blackwood Gallery, A Space Gallery, and Museum of Civilizations of Canada. As a programmer and curator, she has a strong focus on Asian Diaspora in Canada, Feminism and experimental Media Art. In the last eight years she has presented programs on Patty Chang, Cao Fei, Oliver Hussain, Takeshi Ishida, Nam June Paik, Paul Wong, Ming Wong, and Jin-Me Yoon.

Michael Connor

Michael Connor attended OCAD University's Integrated Media program, graduated from the Sheridan Arts program, and the Centre for Skills Development and Training. He is a carpenter and home builder, and has professional experiences ranging from bicycle mechanic to web-based programmer. He is interested in exploring renewable energy systems, working with small engines, making video art and music.
With Heather Keung he has  shown work at the MOCCA, Pleasure Dome, Art Gallery of Mississauga and Toronto Free Gallery.

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